More and more pensioners require loans to meet the needs of their lives, for example to face a moment of economic difficulty, for health expenses, for a small investment. That is why today the offer of loans for pensioners has increased considerably compared to a few years ago and there is a vast possibility of choice.


How to choose retirement loans?


 How to choose retirement loans?


 Poste Italiane offers valid solutions and alternatives designed specifically for the elderly. For example, Quinto BancoPosta Pensionati is a loan from a fifth assignment for retirees. This is a personal loan, not finalized and therefore it is not necessary to specify why it is requested. By means of the sale of the fifth of Poste Italiane for pensioners, it is possible to request a loan and therefore obtain that a maximum of 20% of the net pension is retained each month by the pension institution and paid directly to Poste Italiane.

For example, a 65-year-old pensioner who has a € 900 net monthly pension can have a € 8,600 loan, repayable in 60 months at a cost of € 16 for payment of the substitute tax, with a TAN of 8.92% and with an APR of 9.38%.

This is a simple and secure way to obtain liquidity, even if you do not have a postal current account. Not only: Quinto BancoPosta is also accessible by bad payers and those who have been protested. This is a secured loan for the bank as the pensioner does not have to pay any installment personally, which is instead directly debited to the pension. As we have said for this loan for pensioners, and as always in the case of the fifth assignment, the installment cannot exceed 20% of the net salary. It can be repaid from 36 to 120 months. Poste Italiane does not charge any commission and it is also possible to pay off the loan in advance without incurring any penalty.


Furthermore, it should be noted that this fifth assignment necessarily requires the stipulation of life insurance in the event of death to cover the debt in the event of the death of the elderly. The cost of life insurance is calculated in the product and is spread over the installments that remain to be paid.

The payment of money to pensioners takes place via postal passbook , postal or bank current account. The documents that must be presented to obtain this loan are a valid identity card, tax code, pension slip. Only for foreigners it is also necessary to stay in Italy for at least five years.


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