Payday loan is the personal financing of Ing Direct, which is the direct bank of the Dutch group Ing. It is a convenient and flexible loan, suitable for every need . You can apply for credit both online and on the application of Ing Direct. A consultant will then follow the entire loan application process until the amount is disbursed.

The characteristics of the loan

The characteristics of the loan

Payday Loan is part of personal loans, but does not provide any kind of justification for obtaining it. It is clear that you will need to be a demonstrable income, but you can apply for funding even without a paycheck . In this case it will be necessary to present only the Unico or in any case to have the signature of a guarantor if there were no previous assumptions requested.

The timing is not always the same for practices, but varies according to different factors. The duration for the approval of the request is in any case up to 30 days.

Payday loan: the amount

Orange loan: the amount

Ing Direct’s Payday loan allows you to get from 3,000 to 30,000 euros. The amount can be repaid over a period of time between 1 and 7 years . This is a personal loan and therefore the client will not have to explain the reasons for the request. The sum can be used for any type of project.

Therefore, Arancio Loans represent a flexible credit solution. Those who choose this option can renegotiate the conditions of the loan from time to time, adapting it to their needs and those of their family.

The customer can, in fact, request that the Skip Rata option be activated, which allows you to move the payment of the monthly installment of the loan. You can postpone up to a maximum of 3 times. The Reduced Installment option is also convenient, which allows, instead, to reduce the amount of the installments up to a maximum of 2 times. In both cases the customer will not have to add any additional cost. Comfortable, right?

How to get the Payday Loan

How to get the Orange Loan

To check the feasibility of Payday Loan, just a computer or smartphone connected to the internet is enough. In fact, it is possible to connect to the SuperMoney page and click on ‘Request Feasibility’ next to the selected product. The financing can obviously be requested directly on the Ing Direct site . Just a few minutes to start the request for funding. Here is step by step how to do:

  • complete the estimate on which you indicate the sum and the duration of the refund you wish;
  • upload the required documentation online, following the instructions provided;
  • download the registration form from the site, sign it and send it to ING Direct;
  • wait for the result of the evaluation of the loan request by ING Direct. A consultant will inform you of the decision either by telephone or by e-mail;
  • When you receive the application form by post, the amount you have requested with Payday Loan will be credited to your bank account in a few days.

The procedure is simple and aimed at all users. It takes five minutes to make your dreams closer. The calculation of the online estimate is free and does not require any kind of commitment . Only when you choose the solution that best suits your needs, you can go ahead with the request for funding. There is in fact a special section ‘Continue to the request’ in which you will need to fill in the various fields, upload the required documents, print the contract, sign it and send it. As for the documents to be handled, here are the following: a valid identity document, the tax code or health card and the Iban code of the current account where the reimbursement refunds will be charged.

The credit request and documents will be subject to verification. Once the request has been approved, the sum will be credited in a short time to the current account that was precisely indicated during the previous phase .

There are numerous Ing Direct products: the Arancio current account, the Arancio deposit account, the Arancio trading account, Payday Investments, Ing Direct life insurance, Payday bank card, Payday account number, Payday loan, Payday loan and Fido Ing Direct.

Beware of those who promise easy financing to anyone. Always carefully check the interest rates, ancillary costs and other economic conditions specified in the contract. You will avoid nasty surprises due to too high costs, which could prevent you from returning the sum received: this is the message that Ing Direct launches to customers.

Payday loan and insurance policy

Those who request Payday Loan can decide whether or not to take out the optional insurance policy to protect the credit protection of Genworth’s Payday Loan Protection . It is aimed at public and private employees, self-employed and non-employed employees. To request also people who are without a paycheck.

The cost of the insurance policy falls within the monthly payment. There will obviously be an increase compared to an Payday Account loan with no insurance coverage. The cost of the monthly premium of Proteggi Prestito Arancio is equal to 4% of the total amount of the monthly payment of the loan.

The insurance is a valid support in case of involuntary loss of the job, accident or hospitalization. But even in the event of death. Protect Loan Payday allows the customer to have enough cash to meet the monthly installments for the time needed. Also guaranteed a small extra amount of 500 euros. In the event of a death, the insurance police Proteggi Lito Arancio will ensure the right amount to pay off what is left of the loan. A solution, therefore, important to avoid that the amount falls on the heirs of the person who requested the loan.

One of the reasons to choose Loan Payday, even in the absence of a paycheck , is certainly that of the presence of a fixed rate and at the same time the absence of ancillary costs. Furthermore, the convenience, speed and simplicity of the online procedure should not be underestimated. The support of a consultant who will follow the entire practice is fundamental, from the request to the provision of the loan. The two options that allow you to postpone the payment of monthly installments or change the amount according to your needs are also convenient. Another aspect that should not be underestimated is indeed the flexibility in managing the loan.