ACTA launches travel agency compensation and benefits survey

ByRochelle W. Stone

Jun 16, 2022

“As we navigate the recovery and continue our advocacy efforts with governments to address labor challenges, it is essential that we have a complete picture of the total compensation and benefits of travel agents across Canada” said ACTA President Wendy Paradis.

The previous total compensation and benefits survey was conducted in 2014.

At this point, ACTA is looking to update the information with new data.

Paradis says the data is an integral part of ACTA’s strategy to pressure governments to invest in travel agencies by demonstrating that the travel sector offers strong job opportunities.

The data is also valuable for travel agencies trying to attract new talent and review their compensation policies, she adds.

ACTA is asking all travel agency owners/managers to complete the 2022 Compensation and Benefits Survey.

The survey must be completed no later than June 30, 2022.

ACTA is also engaged in an in-depth study with multiple stakeholders on independent travel agent compensation, which includes hospitality agencies and independent travel agents. This particular survey focuses on travel agencies and is being conducted at the same time as ACTA’s other compensation surveys.