Delhi government launches free pass for construction workers

ByRochelle W. Stone

May 4, 2022

The Delhi government on Wednesday launched the “Free Bus Travel Pass” initiative as a Labor Day gift for all construction workers in the nation’s capital. The proposed program will help construction workers reduce their costs associated with business travel within the city.

“Our construction workers are nation builders and play a crucial role in the economic prosperity of the country,” Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia said as he launched the program and presented passes to the 100 construction workers.

Sisodia added: “In Delhi, only a few construction workers get accommodation close to their construction site while many others travel to the construction site or work from the outskirts of the national capital. This comes with a heavy price they have to pay when traveling for work. To put an end to the problems associated with the movement of construction workers, the government of Kejriwal has launched a free bus pass scheme. Now they will get passes and free rides to work on DTC buses throughout the city.

He went on to say that construction workers can register for free passes on the DTC website or at any of the 34 registration desks set up by the welfare commission. construction workers, and that passes will be issued to them shortly thereafter.

They won’t have to rush to offices to get the pass or waste their entire working day waiting in line, Sisodia added.

He also urged construction workers to help other members of the community to register with the Delhi Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board (DBOCWWB) so that they can avail government welfare schemes.

Notably, Delhi has 12 lakh construction workers, of which 10 lakh are registered with the DBOCWWB.

“I travel from Narela to Gurgaon for work by bus and metro. It costs me Rs 150-200 per day which is almost half of what I earn per day. In such a situation, I am unable to make plans for my family. A free Delhi government pass will now help me save for the future,” said construction worker Md Shahood Alam.

Another construction worker, Md Shamshad, said: “I work as a painter and a POP worker. My daily commute to work across the city costs me around Rs 3600 per month. When I didn’t have enough money, I had to stay on the construction site. With this pass, I can now go home for free every day.