Japanese Travel Agency Reveals the Most Popular Summer 2022 Destinations at Home and Abroad

ByRochelle W. Stone

Jun 28, 2022

The company also shares the most popular departure dates during the months of July and August so you can plan accordingly.

As the first summer since the start of the pandemic where more and more countries are starting to relax their border policies and encourage tourism again, the summer of 2022 is shaping up to be a big season for the travel industry. To give travelers an idea of ​​exactly what this summer has in store for them, Japanese travel agency HIS recently shared a report titled Trends in travel bookings for summer holidays 2022. The report reveals information on the most popular travel destinations (domestic and overseas) booked through his company for this summer, how certain locations compare to last year’s bookings, and even what the dates are. most popular departure points for trips. The dates of the report correspond to From July 21 to August 31which is the typical period of summer vacation among school children.

▼ Buckle up and try to predict where the majority of Japanese travelers will be heading in a few weeks, especially to escape the big city!

Trip abroad

First, a statistic: outbound travel bookings are skyrocketing 2,191.1% compared to last summer. Despite the increase in leisure travel opportunities, international travel from Japan is still only 10 percent of what it was before the pandemic due to limited flights and other reduced services.

Top 10 Overseas Destinations for Japanese Travelers
10. Los Angeles
8. Guam
7. Singapore
5. Manila
4. London
3. Seoul

Honolulu remains the top international spot since last year, continuing its long-standing status as a popular overseas destination for families where they can get around speaking extensive Japanese. South Korea also started accepting foreign tourists this month and the country expects a large influx in the coming months. Finally, it is interesting to note that overseas travel demand in North America and Western Europe also increased to almost 90 percent from its 2019 levels, to 83.2% and 89.2% respectively.

▼ We see no reason for anyone to want to wake up in Hawaii. No, no reason.

The top five departure dates for overseas travel
5. Friday, August 5
4. Wednesday August 10
3. Tuesday August 2
2. Saturday August 6
1. Thursday August 11 (which is also mountain day on a public holiday)

The most popular departure dates for overseas trips are clustered around the beginning of August, especially before the Obon Festival period (August 13-16, 2022), when many workers take time off. You may want to avoid these specific dates if you are going to the airport around this time.

inner journey

Meanwhile, Japan’s domestic travel is on the rise 486.4 percent compared to the same time last year. It also slowly returns to a little less 90 percent what it was like before the pandemic.

Top Five Domestic Destinations for Japanese Travelers
5. Fukuoka Prefecture
4. Osaka Prefecture
3. Nagasaki Prefecture
2. Hokkaido Prefecture
1. Okinawa Prefecture

In the case of domestic destinations, HIS only published the top five. It’s perhaps no surprise that Okinawa and Hokkaido, elected prefectures with the people who have the best personalities, reign supreme. Bookings for Osaka also jumped by 2002.9% compared to last year, perhaps from pent-up demand to visit Universal Studios Japan’s Super Nintendo World, as this will be the first summer for the expansion since the widespread rollout of COVID vaccines in Japan.

▼ As for Okinawa reservations, 75% are for Okinawa Main Island, 15% for Miyako Island, and 8% for Ishigaki Island. Okinawa’s popular Eisa festival will be held in late August for the first time in three years.

Top five departure dates for domestic travel
5. Sunday July 31
4. Sunday August 21
3. Wednesday August 17
2. Sunday July 24
1. Thursday, July 21

Compared to international departure dates, domestic travel start dates are more dispersed. It seems that many families plan to fly away soon after the start of the summer school holidays.

If you’re in the Tokyo area and aren’t planning on hopping on a plane just yet, maybe your family will enjoy something a little closer to home by visiting a giant moving robot. or down a huge slide with a view of Mount Fuji. .

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