A North Vancouver driver has been fined for non-essential travel and ordered to return home after being recently pulled over by police on Vancouver Island.

According to the cap. Mike Halskov of RCMP Traffic Services, the incident took place on May 1 when the driver was arrested “for more than one driving violation in southern Vancouver Island.”

Halskov told Daily Hive that after another conversation with the driver, the officer determined the reason for the trip was not essential.

“The officer issued a ticket under the Emergency Programs Act and ordered the driver to return to the Lower Mainland immediately,” Halskov said. “The driver also received traffic tickets. “

Halskov noted that this incident was not linked to any of the COVID-19-related roadside checks that have been put in place in the province, and to his knowledge, no tickets have been issued at any of the checkpoints established on highways 1, 3, 5, and 99.

As the incident is now in court, Halskov said no further information was available.

On Monday, the RCMP Staff Sgt. Janelle Shoihet told Daily Hive that more than 1,400 vehicles were checked at designated locations last weekend.

“Two people voluntarily turned around and no fines were imposed,” she said.

Shoihet noted that on May 7, the old toll booth on Highway 5 recorded the highest number of cars with more than 700 vehicles checked.

Nonetheless, said Shoihet, “we have not encountered any problems to my knowledge and thank the residents of British Columbia, who were not required to travel for essential reasons to stay local.”

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