Seven arrested in travel agency fraud case

Hyderabad: Seven defendants were arrested by Saifabad police in connection with a travel agency fraud offense on Wednesday. The police recovered the victims’ lost property; money worth Rs 5000, four telephones and two cars of the accused.

According to the police, the accused identified as Mohammed Sohail (32), Mohd. Moin (32), Sohail Khan (37), Syed Nadeem (27), Sheikh Jafar (23), Shaik Mohsin (26), Mohammed Haji Pasha (27).

The victim and his colleagues were contacted by two vehicle drivers who inquired about their vacation plans. Taxi drivers said they know the travel agency where they can buy tickets for their destination. Motorists then took them to Salaam Namaste Travels. Meanwhile, motorists, along with the travel office manager, employees and two other people dressed in car driver’s attire, beat the victims and seized the 5,000 rupees and stole other property.

The motorists then dropped them off at the victims on Aramghar X road, in accordance with the instructions of the visits in charge, noted by the complaint.

The complainant noted two vehicle numbers. The complainant’s boss rushed to the scene, and the complainant and his supervisor went to the police station to file a report.

According to confessional testimony from detained suspects, the following travel agencies were involved in a similar form of crime.

(1) Shalimar Travels, Afzalgunj (Mohammed and Ismail);
(2) KGN, Uppal and Afzalgunj (Irfan) trips
(3) Ashirwaad/Neetha Travels, Lakdikapool (Jahangir);
(4) Jyoti Travels / Abha Bus (agent – ​​Akram);
(5) Golconda Travels, Afzalgunj (Haji-)
(6) Savera Travels, Afzalgunj;
(7) Sangeetha Travels, Afzalgunj
(8) Ram Trip, Medchal Road.

The defendants were arrested on February 2, 2022 and brought before the court for pre-trial detention.